Laritech maintains an in-house stock of electronic components to facilitate quick-turn printed circuit board assembly. Our facilities provide ample space for assembling both leaded and RoHS compliant lead-free printed circuit boards.

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Local Inventory Laritech West

Laritech specializes in rapid engineering design and quick-turn manufacturing, so we keep an extensive stock of electronic components on hand at all times. Our in-house stockroom, located in the Laritech West facility, includes over 10,000 parts stored in an ESD-safe, climate controlled environment. This inventory is available to all Laritech customers to facilitate quick turnaround time and avoid line-down situations arising from component shortages.

Laritech West

In January 2009 we cut the ribbon on our new facility dubbed ‘Laritech West’. In this facility we manufacture, inspect and ship the vast majority of our PCB assemblies. 2012 As Laritech continues to grow we have doubled capacity to keep pace with customers’ needs and have added new faster equipment.

Laritech North

In September 2006, 'Laritech North' was added. In this facility we assemble low cost circuit boards and also provide an area for mechanical assembly, box builds, functional testing and burn-in as well as our BGA rework station is located. We out grew “Laritech North” and have added the building next door to expand our manufacturing floor and soon to be new space for our growing Engineering Department.

Laritech South

With the opening of our newer facilities, our original building was redesigned as storage for our spare equipment and other capital. This facility provides extra space so that we can increase capacity on a moments notice. This gives us the flexibility to remain agile and responsive to customer needs.