Laritech is an approved Apple MFi Manufacturing Partner

Welcome to our Apple MFi information portal. We understand the program changes can be confusing at times, so hopefully this information will help you understand the current process of designing and submitting your product to Apple.

As an Apple MFi Manufacturing License 6.0 holder, Laritech can provide manufacturing and design support for companies looking to market Apple accessories.


Laritech is an approved Apple MFi Manufacturing Partner. This means that Laritech is licensed to provide the assistance you will need to certify your product and to submit your product to Apple. You can no longer submit your own designs; it must be done by Laritech on your behalf. You can also no longer buy your own Apple components; they also must be purchased by Laritech on your behalf.


Our in-house design engineers (BSEEs with hundreds of completed designs each) are here to assist with your prototypes and identify any design issues promptly. Based on their knowledge of the Apple MFi program, they can offer suggestions to overcome any obstacles. Our engineers are also versed in developing the entire design from start to finish including schematics, PCB layout, firmware, software, submission and approval from Apple, FCC and UL/CSA. Laritech will then seamlessly assist with the prototypes and Made in America production. Should off-shore be your final destination, we will aid you in transitioning the business to the Apple certified MFi manufacturer of your choice.

Submission and Approval

Laritech stocks sample quantities of MFi parts including 30 pin, lightning and coprocessors to aid in swift submission and approval. As an Apple MFi Manufacturer, Laritech is able to navigate Apple’s rigid guidelines for product approval. Laritech is experienced in gaining MFi product approval for a number of products and working with Apple to ensure approval is granted in a timely manner. Because of our focus on quick-turn manufacturing, Laritech is able to anticipate Apple MFi requirements and ensure that the requirements are met up front in order to make the process as simple and quick as possible.


By working with Laritech you will be able to design, develop and market accessories for Apple’s products. Upon completion of MFi certification and approval you will be able to identify the compatibility of your product with the iPod, iPad or iPhone products. The made for iPod, iPad and iPhone logos help clearly identify your product for customers by displaying the product’s compatibility on marketing material and packaging. Laritech is proficient at handling all of the Apple MFi manufacturing needs from start to finish. Please contact us today with your requirements.